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Professional Firearms Sales & Service

Baxter, MN

We are a small shop in Baxter, MN mainly offering gunsmith and armorer services for our students.  Our sister company, Learning Firearms, is where we conduct all of our own courses as well as hosted courses with the industry's best instructors.  It was in training that we saw a need for a qualified, high quality service focusing on duty, competition, and defensive firearms.  We don't work on your grandfather's deer rifle, but we will make you carry handgun, AR15, or tactical shotgun work at their best level.  

We are a Class 3 licensed dealer of NFA items and can help you acquire your next suppressor, machine-gun or short barreled rifle.  Our prices on new items are very competitive often beating large chain stores.  We are also happy to help out with firearm and NFA transfers as well.  

Current arranged Transfer Pricing is:

$30 for Handgun, Rifles, and Shotguns - Additional Items $10 extra per serial number

$75 Silencers and SBRs

$125 Machineguns

Transfers must be arranged/requested by using our online web-store.  This gives us the required information to start your order in our system, submit our FFL to the sending dealer, and receive the item.  Once the firearm/item is received you will be contacted via email to proceed with the transfer.  We prefer to streamline the process and are able to have you complete the background check form digitally via PDF to begin the process.  Instructions are emailed to the customer once the firearm/item is received.  We can also accommodate in person transfers, completing the background form in person, however this may result in delays and multiple appointments needed if the background check receives a "delayed" response.  

FFL Required Firearm/Item Transfer Policies and Fees:

Blind transfers - firearms/items that are sent to the shop with no prior notification or order received are $50.00.  This is due to likely increased time and arrangements needed to pick up firearms at shipping hub as I am a part time shop and need to know when to receive and sign for firearms.  You need to set up a transfer using our web-store, if you are unable you can call or email for assistance.

Storage Fees - Any item received will be held for fourteen (14) days from date of delivery with no additional fees. Items that are not claimed and legally transferred after fourteen (14) days will be subject to a storage fee of $25.00 per week/$100.00 per month until items are claimed and legally transferred. Items that are not picked up after sixty (60) days shall be considered abandoned property and may be disposed of or sold by the company.  Here's the deal, I don't want to hang on to your stuff longer than I have to.  If you have a gun sent to me, come pick it up and please let me know it's coming.  If you are a member of our armed services, first responder, or contracter and are unable to pick the gun up for a while, let me know.  I am happy to keep things safe for you and appreciate what you do at no charge.

Denied Response/Ineligible Person - If you receive a "Denied" response or become an ineligible person to receive the firearm, you are not going to receive the firearm/item.  You may arrange a return with the orignal seller, you will still be responsible for the transfer fee, any storage fees, and return shipping fees.  We can also assist you in consigning the item or selling the item.

Straw Purchases - The definition of a straw purchase is someone purchasing or receiving a firearm/item with the intention of giving it, transferring it, or allowing another to use it for unlawful purposes.  This is typically seen when person A can't legally own a firearm so person B buys the firearm for person A.  If we receive any information or inclination that a straw purchase is occurring we will refuse the transfer and reserve the right to refuse service.